Dungeons & Dragons Workshop

Dungeons & Dragons Workshop

Dungeons & Dragons Workshop

Monday, 29.11.2021 at 18:00

During first few times we encourage new players to observe and overview ongoing adventure when you learn how to improve your character and get to know what is expected from you during future games. If you have completed your character and game master confirms it you are way closer to become part of the game.

Until introduction!

What is Dungeons & Dragons?

"Dungeons & Dragons" (also referred as D&D or DnD) is a fantasy fiction role-playing game (RPG), what was first time introduced in 1974. It was based on miniature war games and rules were adopted from a game "Chainmail". With D&D started a modern role-playing games and a whole industry. D&D is different from traditional war games in a way that players do not command an army but represents a single character. All players take part of adventure in a fantasy world. Dungeon Master (DM) is storyteller and judge who describes the world and event, represents enemies and resolves all disputes.

Players form a travelling companion who interact with both each other or side characters, they resolve task, they battle and gather items and experience. Based on experience each player evolves their character in unique way so as time passes, each character becomes more powerful than before.

Depending on a DM, each adventure might take from an hour up to years and years. Most compelling in D&D is a chance to join from the middle and you do not always have to be present during the start of an adventure.