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Ziterdes - MGT "Placidus" Science Fiction and End-Time

Ziterdes - MGT

Ziterdes - MGT "Placidus" Science Fiction and End-Time

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The modular Gaming Table (MGT) series of ZITERDES you demanded everything from! Because the 10 terrain modules with different topographical features can be combined ... optional. So it is clear, no matter what you play - whether Warhammer, Warhammer 40K?, Warmachine?, INfinity? etc. - you and your opponent are starting now face challenges unimagined magnitude. In the MGT of ZITERDES shows the true master, the true victor. The Modular Gaming Table Module beach is perfect for all historical battles and wars that have started a landing operation. It does not matter whether it is an island or mainland - whether Greek, Roman or Ottoman Empire, whether Normandy, First or Second World War, the beach module of ZITERDES provides you with the optimum playing surface and the perfect setting.