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Players: 2-2
Time: 60 minutes

Tactical football game for 2 players – try to outsmart your opponent and score lots of goals. Estonian board game design! In this game, the players are football coaches trying to outsmart each other on the pitch. Just like in real life, the winner is the player who manages to score more goals than their opponent. Players alternate taking turns and during their turn they may move one of their footballers. After that, if the ball is controlled by one of their footballers, player draws a card from the deck and resolves it. As a result of it the ball is being kicked and (if that footballer is in a correct position) a goal may be scored. The player who managed to score more goals than their opponent wins the game. 


 • 22 footballers 

• 25 plastic stands

 • 45 cards 

• 1 game board

 • 22 ball tokens

 • game rules